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SPF for your hair! Yes, you heard that right, SPF for your hair!

Updated: Oct 5, 2023


Your scalp is just as susceptible to developing skin cancer as the rest of your body.


Sun exposure can strip the dye from your hair and break down the proteins in your cuticle, leaving your hair dry, brittle, and dull.


Using SPF on your hair and scalp can protect your scalp from the dangers of UV rays, hair SPF can also protect your hair from irreversible damage. SPF for your hair is packed full of moisturisers and antioxidants that will help keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Like SPFs for our bodies, there are an endless number of SPF out there that claim to be the best for you and your hair. We’ve gathered some of our favourites to help make your purchase decisions just that little bit easier.

Best SPF available to purchase from us.

As you know we stock a range of hair products suited to all different types of hair. Here are four of our favourite SPF to use in your hair. We are experts on the Bumble and Bumble products so feel free to ask a member of staff for more information.

Best SPF for Afro and textured hair.

As experts in Afro hair, it’s only right that we paid a little more attention to our textured hair for girls and boys. We’ve scoured the internet and the shops to present to you our two favourite SPFs for hair with a little more texture.

Cheap ‘n’ cheerful SPF for your hair.

Not everyone wants to spend, spend, spend. After paying for your flights, hotel, luggage and cute bikini set, the last thing you want to do is splurge on SPF. Here are two cheap and cheerful SPF go to SPFs which won’t break the bank.

Ultimately, the best way to protect your hair in warmer weather is to use preventative measures. So, regular trims, deep conditioning treatments and protective styles will all go a long way too. Give us a call to get yourself booked in for a treatment, a trim, a protective style or just to speak to the experts about which SPF is best for you.

With love as always,

The Hair Sanctuary x


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