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Frequently asked question

When is the salon open?


We are open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm, 5pm on Saturdays.


How do I book an appointment?


To book your appointment call the salon on 0161 536 1249 between 10am & 6pm Tuesday to Saturday. Consultations can be booked using the pop box on the services page.


Do you take deposits for appointments? 


Rightly so. We take a non refundable deposit of £20 for all appointments to secure the booking. 


Why do I need a consultation? 


Consultations are great if you’re unsure of what is best for your hair, if you are wanting a colour as this is bespoke and to understand products and services better before deciding.


Do I have to pay for a consultation?


Yes. We charge £20 for consultations and the cost can be redeemed off your appointment if you book in following your consultation. 


Is there a cancellation policy?


Our cancellation policy is 48 hours’ notice to secure your deposit. Cancelling within 24 hours will result in a fee of 50% being charged to your card. For clients who don’t show up to appointments without warning or cancel on the day of the appointment, will be charged 

100% of the service cost. 


Are there any requirements on how my hair should be before my appointment?


Your hair needs to be relatively clean (no product build up) & detangled before your appointment. If you are having protective styles like braids and weaves your hair needs to be freshly washed and dried ready for service unless you have booked an additional wash & style. 


Can you explain the pricing for different lengths on some services?


So, some services have varied prices depending on the length of your hair. To know what length your hair falls under, short is above the ears, medium is from ears to shoulders and long is past the shoulders. 


Do you accept walk ins/last minute appointments?


We welcome walk ins/last minute appointments if we have the availability. As we are usually booked at least 2 weeks in advance we recommend booking your appointment in advance. Any last-minute appointments are always shared on our socials. 


Can we attend our appointments with friends?


Due to the pace of the salon and occupying space we don’t allow extra guests to attend appointments. There is an exception for a parent or guardian accompanying a child or someone vulnerable. 

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