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About us


At The Hair Sanctuary we provide a unique experience delivered with quality, creativity and professionalism.

Our core values consist of Education, Transparency, Quality, Representation and Positivity. We embody these values in every aspect of business starting with clients and staff and extending that right through to marketing and campaigns. Our belief is that in modern society everyone is in search of the values we work hard and are happy to maintain. 

Through them we promise to:

Educate our clients about the service we provide, their hair type and texture and how important their role is outside of the salon, as well as providing regular education and training for our staff to continue providing a quality service for all.

Be transparent with pricing, consultations, aftercare and any changes that may take place. 

Provide a high standard and quality service for every client, no matter the time or day. This will be done through communication, environment, professional products used, aftercare, including rewards and benefits.

Display a fair representation of our staff, clients and society within the salon and any of our marketing campaigns and social platforms.

Positivity will be displayed and felt throughout the salon and online spaces in many ways, such as, quotes, crystals, scents and language. Energy is transferable and it's important to us that it is only positive energy that we are exchanging with others to further enhance our client experience . 

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