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Natural Hair Myths (Part 1)

As natural hair advocates, we are here to encourage you to live your best natural hair life. We want you to feel beautiful and confident while rocking your natural curls and kinks. We want to help you to feel empowered while rocking your natural hair. There are many myths and rumours about natural hair that lead people to believe that managing and maintaining their natural hair is hard work but we’re here to tell you the facts so that you can continue your natural hair journey in the comfort of knowing that your hair is thriving.

Myth Number 1 – Natural hair doesn’t grow.

This is one of the most common myths about natural hair. In actual fact, natural hair does grow, but it's often not very visible because it shrinks a lot. Natural hair grows just like other hair types and healthy natural hair can grow almost 2cm a month. To see growth, you just must be patient and continue to practice a healthy hair regime which includes limiting manipulation, tight styles, and heat.

Myth Number 2 – Natural hair is difficult to manage.

While it is true that natural hair requires a lot of care and attention, especially detangling and shampooing, it is not difficult to manage. With a dedicated, consistent hair care routine it, you can achieve great benefits for your hair in the long run. Due to the structure of natural hair, you need to be gentle when handling your natural hair

Myth Number 3 – Natural hair is not for everyone.

Many people believe that natural hair is not going to suit them, but this is not true. Natural hair can work for everyone, you just have to find a style that you feel comfortable with. In fact, with natural hair, you can try out a variety of hairstyles that may not work as well with relaxed hair. Styles which work well on natural hair include two-stand twists, bantu knots, cornrows, mini twists, finger coils and locs.

Myth Number 4 – Natural hair does not look professional.

As someone with natural hair, you may have heard the myth that your natural hair is unprofessional, however, this is not true. All hair is appropriate for the workplace and your beautiful kinky coils can be styled into many gorgeous natural hairstyles all of which will make you feel confident in the workplace. If you would like to be able to tie shorter hair back for the workplace, you can add hair extensions if you feel like additional length will make it easy to tie your hair back and keep it out of your face at work.

Myth Number 5 - Growing natural hair is expensive.

One common myth we hear a lot is that growing natural hair is expensive. This is likely because of the variety of expensive natural hair routines and regimes that are advertised as the best way to grow natural hair. We advise sticking to a really simple regime with a few staple products, we advise looking at the ingredients in the products rather than the price and choosing products based on what they can do for your hair.

Myth Number 6 – You can repair damaged hair.

So sorry to break this to you, no product can completely repair damaged hair. Instead, the best course of action, when your hair is damaged, is to trim it, cut it off, or seek professional advice.

Myth Number 7 – Natural hair doesn’t need to be washed often.

This is a common misconception. In reality, washing your hair frequently helps to cleanse the lengths, roots and scalp from products, pollution and dirt. Having clean hair also helps to keep it moisturized and prevents breakage from product build-up. Regular washing also makes styling your hair easier.

We hope that this has helped to squash some of the common misconceptions that you associate with natural hair. Stay tuned for Part 2 next month. As usual, if you have any questions, please ask one of our stylists in the salon at your next visit.

Love The Hair Sanctuary Team xx


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