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How to look after your hair over the Party Season.

At this time of year our hair can take a bashing as we all want to look our best for the staff party or for Christmas brunch with the girls. We can forget about how well we’ve looked after our hair throughout the year and we can ruin all of our hard work by not styling our hair consciously. Over using heat and not taking time to properly cleanse, condition and moisturise our hair can have an impact on our tresses. Here at The Hair Sanctuary, we’ve created a little guide to help you to get through the party season and winter months.


Get yourself a hair masque or a deep conditioning treatment once a week. For an extra pamper for your hair why not book an appointment at the salon where we can use the heated dryer or the steamer to give your hair the ultimate pamper. One of the best benefits of getting hair treatments is that it prevents damage to your hair. The treatment penetrates into your hair and scalp and provides moisture, which promotes the health of your hair and scalp. Hair treatments also decrease hair shedding and reduce split ends.

At this time of year, we are all heating our homes with central heating. Central heating is great for keeping us warm but it can cause the hair to dry out and make it more brittle and fragile. Of course, we're not expecting you to turn off your central heating forever to overcome this; instead, be aware that your hair may be drier in the winter, and increase your use of conditioning treatments accordingly.

Satin lined hats

Going out use a hat. Keep your head warm and protected from the winter elements with a satin lined beanie. This will not only keep your head warm but the satin lining will ensure that you hair isn’t getting dried out and losing moisture while you are coming warm.

Give your hair a break and limit the heat.

If you’re having a cosy day in front of the TV with your friends and family give your hair a break. Lay off the styling when you can and just put your hair in a quick and easy protective style such as a plait or a bun to give it a break from styling. These styles are great at bedtime too before you put on your satin scarf or bonnet to prevent your hair from breakage and frizzies.

Book in for your January appointments

This January we are offering free treatments with all of our cuts and colours. Just enquire with your stylist when you are booking your appointment to ensure that there is enough time for your treatment to be added to your service.

Have a wonderful party season!

The Hair Sanctuary x


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