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Have a healthy hair summer.

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The summer can be a great time to try new styles and new colours. It can be a great time to experiment with different holiday styles (see our summer styles blog post). But while we’re having all this fun with our hair we mustn’t forget to look after our tresses.

Here are our top tips for keeping your hair in its best condition all summer long.

Hydration, hydration, hydration – this means hydrating your hair from the inside out. We advise you drink lots of water and eat lots of foods that will help to keep you hydrated, such as watermelon, cucumbers and strawberries.

Protect your hair and scalp from the sun where possible. If it’s not possible to cover your head to protect your scalp and strands then make a daily habit of applying products that contain UV filters. (Our Salon favourite is the Bumble and Bumble Primer) These products have multiple benefits such as protecting hair from sun damage, preventing colour from fading and keeping your scalp from getting burnt.

Getting in the pool? Before you get into a pool or the sea and expose your hair to harsh chemicals like chlorine or excessive amounts of saltwater we advise you drench your hair with clean water and a good leave in conditioner. (We love the Keracare Leave – In Conditioner).

Get a fresh professional trim, get rid of the split ends and you’re your hair the best chance of holding in moisture. You might need a mid-season cut, too as your hair will grow faster over the summer months.

We advise that you switch to a moisturing shampoo and conditioner. (We love the Bumble and Bumble Ultrarich collection). As we all sweat more during the summer months we also advise month scalp cleansing with a cleansing shampoo to ensure that you remove all that sweat build up from your scalp. You can follow this up with a moisturising/ hydrating deep conditioner of your choice.

Step away from the straighteners and curling wands. Try to avoid adding direct heat to your hair during these summer months. Instead opt for styles that can dry natural such as braid outs, twist outs and wash and go’s. just style on damp or wet conditioned and moisturised hair and follow up with an anti- frizz oil or serum to banish frizz and help to lock in moisture.

Follow these steps to a healthy hair summer and check out our summer styles blog for some summer styling inspo. As always if you need any further guidance or advice just pop into our salon for a consultation and we would be happy to help you to look after your hair this summer.

All products mentioned in this post can be purchased in salon - come in and let us try them on your hair.


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