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Colour Me Beautiful.

This Summer is the perfect time to add a little colour to your wardrobe, your make - up routine and yes ... you guessed it... your hair.

We've compiled some of our favourite summer looks and as an extra treat we've teamed them with some of our favourite make up looks to help you to see how you can really bring some colour into your life.

We are loving vibrant colourful curls and coils this Summer. We advise booking in for a consultation and skin test before dying your hair. You can also discuss moisturising, repair treatments to ensure you keep your dyed tresses in tip top shape.

Thinking about bleaching to lighten your hair then look no further than The Hair Sanctuary. Leave it up to the professionals to lighten up your tresses. We love blondes with blues and greens and cooler colours this Summer. Why not spice up your look with different blondes and a turquoise eye shadow.

Fancy a big change? Why not go for a bold, vibran