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'Weave' got you covered!

This month ‘weave’ become obsessed with weaves. It's our service of the month and we are here to tell you the different types of weaves on offer, the benefits of having a weave and how you can keep your weave looking fresher for longer. Weaves are great for the colder months as they can protect our hair against drying out in the colder temperatures and the use of heaters and radiators in our homes, they also allow us to switch up our style on a budget.

What is a weave?

A weave is the process of adding synthetic or natural human hair to your hair for added volume or length or a change of colour. Synthetic or human hair can be added by attaching the extensions to the client’s hair. It's one of the least expensive options for getting beautiful long locks. Once installed a well-maintained weave can last for 3-4 months.

What are the different types of weave on offer?

Closure Weave

A human hair closure is a hairpiece that is usually used on top of a weave to close the hair bundle to give you a natural hairline. They are usually purchased separately or bundled together and sold with your weave bundles. They are anchored down in place using thread, clips, glue, or even double-sided tape to complete your weave installation. They provide a wide range of styling opportunities ranging from parts to up-dos. Great for all hair types.