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We are The Hair Sanctuary

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Some people go to the therapist when they need counselling, emotional release and guidance. Google is an inexhaustible source of advice and how-to’s but for a large population of women, all the support they need is found in the hands, and ears of the local beauty salon. 

You go in for a hair cut and you come out with home remedies for calloused feet, advice about cheating spouses, the latest gossip about Beyonce and Jay Z. The salon is not simply a place to get your hair coiffed, it is a therapeutic centre of zen. A gathering place for women to share ideas, soothe wounds, a multi-generational psychological sharing session. A client lets their guard down in the right salon letting the stylist and other customers in. 

Some beauty salons discourage personal conversations and interaction between stylists and customers. But for those fortunate enough patronise local salons with a more relaxed environment, a treasure trove is discovered. A client’s appointment may end at 2:00 PM but they may not leave until 4:00 PM because the conversation is so LIVE! The experience found in this setting is a unique one. Where else can you get your hair done, buy a handbag, find out how to apply Vicks Vapour Rub in 25 ways AND laugh until you have cried?

Things you may overhear in a salon:

  • A woman decorating her home seeking the advice of the stylist. Wall paper swatches included.

  • Two women nearly fighting over political views. 

  • An older customer advising a younger customer on how to car for a colicky baby. 

  • The fastest way to grow your hair. 

  • How to keep your man entertained in bed. 

  • How do you dab again?

  • Best time of year to travel to the United States.

These conversations, even when serious, include some element of humour lightening the load for all conversing. We couldn’t keep this a secret any longer and want you to share in these conversations too. 

Cuts and Convos are dialogues meant to uplift, educate, entertain. Join us as we share the advice and conversations of wise women who get their hair done. 


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