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The Avlon Texture Release

What is a Texture Release?

In simple terms, an Avlon Texture Release is a system created to soften coarse, tightly coiled and curly hair. It is a special process that must be completed in a salon by a professional to avoid damaging the hair. After applying the dilator and releasing lotion, heat must be applied to smooth out your coils and set your new softer, looser style. “A texture release is essentially a semi-permanent smoothing treatment without harsh chemicals,” says Natasha John-Lewis, co-owner of My Hair Bar Salon, London.

Benefits of a Texture Release and who is it for?

An Avlon Texture Release is a great solution if you find your coils and curls difficult to style. The Texture Release will allow you to keep your curls and coils intact but will make them easier to smooth and style by deep conditioning and moisturising the strands.

Most clients get a texture release 3 or 4 times a year and they find that it helps to soften and moisturise hair, elongate coils and reduce the possibility of frizz in humidity or rainy conditions. Lots of clients also find that it significantly cuts washing and styling time as their strands are more receptive to styling and products.

How to look after your hair after a Texture Release.

Following your Texture Release, it is important that you look after your hair. This can be done with conscious styling and nourishing hair care.

Nourishing hair care includes regular hair treatments. Every month you should treat your hair with a moisturising or deep conditioning treatment to soften your tresses and prevent breakage. This is vital if you want to retain length. In the salon, steam can be added to the treatment to allow it to further penetrate the strands.

Conscious styling means not wearing tight styles that put stress on your roots and edges. Try to style your hair in styles that can last a couple of days to minimise manipulation. Reducing the use of heat on your hair and on those days when you do need to use heat always ensuring that you have used enough heat protectant.

A Texture Release will make straightening your hair easier and quicker but you need to remember that frequently heat styling your locks at a high temperature will always result in changes to your curl pattern and can permanently loosen your curls.

If you are considering a Texture Release pop into the salon or give us a call. We would be happy to give you some more information or book you an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon.



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