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Relaxers don't have to be stressful!

This month we are talking relaxers! Relaxers have gained a bad reputation over the past few years with many curly girls opting to ditch their relaxers, big chop and go back to natural. Relaxers have gained a reputation for breakage and poor hair health but do relaxers really deserve their bad rep?

Relaxers are chemical, permanent hair straightening treatments. They are designed to make tightly coiled and curly hair permanently straight. They can help to make hair easier to maintain and manage. Relaxers can also cut styling time in half and help clients to gain reliable results time and time again. When used correctly and when paired with a healthy hair regime relaxed hair can flourish. This month we will explain exactly how we can help our relaxed hair to be healthy, flourishing and easier to maintain.

Here are our top tips to help your relaxed tresses to flourish!


Relaxers are permanent but they cannot change the texture of the hair as it grows out of your head. Every 8 – 12 weeks it is time to get your roots relaxed to help your new growth to match the rest of your relaxed hair. Failing to relax your hair within this timeframe can result in breakage where the two different textures of hair meet. At the end of each appointment make sure to book your next appointment with your stylist, ask their advice to help avoid over-processing.

Staying on top of these appointments can help with avoiding breakage.

Protect yo’ hair!

Satin bonnet, silk pillowcase, durag, silk wrap, however you do it, do it! Protect your hair while you sleep. When we sleep our hair is in constant contact with our pillowcase. Every toss and turn means that our fragile locks are rubbing on the rough cotton, this can cause breakage. This breakage is easily avoidable, cover your hair and protect it while you sleep.

Treat it well!

TREATMENTS ARE KEY! All hair, relaxed or natural needs hair treatments to help it to look its best! Treatments can be used to restore, moisture, shine, strength, silkiness, softness and manageability. So, whatever it feels like your hair is lacking there is a treatment to help with that. We recommend using a hydrating, moisturising, strengthening treatment on your relaxed locks every 2 – 4 weeks. We’ve got you! Ask about our Bumble and Bumble treatments available in the salon.

Low tension styles!

Not every day, tight styles and lots of tension! Relaxers chemically change the bonds within our strands and this can result in weakened hair. With treatments and proper maintenance, our relaxed hair will still be strong and resilient, but we should also be mindful of how we style our hair. Constant tight hairstyles with lots of tension every day will cause weak points within our strands which will result in some unwanted breakage.

Quick Tips!