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Get back to school ready!

As your child heads back to school we want to help you to understand how you can keep your stressful styling sessions in the mornings to a minimal, keep your wash days effective and the tantrums at bay.

Firstly, prepare your child’s hair, we advise regular trims to help to keep single strand knots and split ends to a minimum. We recommend visiting a salon for a cut at least once every three months. Regular, small trims are the most effective for helping to retain long, healthy hair.

Treatments are just as important in helping to keep your child’s hair in its best condition just add a treatment to your service when you book. When you arrive, we can decide which service would be best for your child’s hair.

Now that the prep is done it’s time for products. Use gentle products on your little ones and try your best to apply it to their hair and not to their scalp to avoid irritation. We recommend using a leave in conditioner and a light curl cream to moisture their hair. We then advise that you follow that up with an oil moisturiser and an essential oil to lock in the moisture. When you bring your little one in for their appointment, we are happy to recommend specific products that would work well on their hair as we are aware that different products will work well for different little ones.

When adding products remember to begin with a small amount of product and work it through their hair this will help to prevent product build up. More product can always be added if needed.

Styling choice is also very important when you child is at school and protective styling is the best way to retain health and length. Protective styling can be anything from braids and twists to canerows and buns. We advise that protective styling is kept in for 2 to 4 weeks depending on the rate of hair growth and the level of activity that your child does. Protective styles shouldn’t be too tight and they shouldn’t cause tension on the scalp as this can lead to breakage. All styles should be removed if there is a significant growth or tangling in the roots.

Following these steps for their first term back at school should ensure healthier longer hair with less breakage and tangles. We guarantee that following these tips will result in healthier hair and bigger smiles.


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